CoinTracker currently lacks native support for ADA staking rewards. In the meantime, by following the steps in this guide, you can capture your ADA staking rewards using a public ADA address (for example from Daedalus) and a third-party tool called PoolTool.

To get started you need to find your ADA address on Click 'Rewards Data for Taxes', then paste your ADA address into the field:

Then you'll click the blue arrow to view the address details:

At the bottom of the page that loads, you'll find the Export Tool. You can use the default value for the format field, but change the currency to Cardano:

Download the CSV file for each of the years in which you received staking rewards.

Next, open those CSVs in Google Sheets. In this example, we have a CSV for 2020 and another for 2021, so we will copy all of the data from the 2021 sheet:

And paste those values at the bottom of the 2020 sheet:

It is important that you leave out the headers when you paste these additional values, so you have one continuous sheet with all of your staking rewards.

Now we will convert this CSV to the CoinTracker CSV format.

Download the sample CoinTracker CSV file and open it in Google Sheets. Delete the sample data, keeping just the first row with the headers:

The first column we need is the Date, so grab that column from the combined 2020 + 2021 sheet and paste it into the CoinTracker CSV sheet:

Notice that these dates are in the wrong format for CoinTracker's CSV. While you still have the dates selected, go to the Format menu, and under the Number submenu choose Date time:

Next, paste the quantities from the 'buy' column and the symbols from the 'cur.' column to the CoinTracker CSV sheet's 'Received Quantity' and 'Received Currency' columns:

Now the conversion is complete and can be downloaded as a CSV:

The final step is uploading this CSV to CoinTracker. Add a CSV wallet, in this example it is called 'ADA Staking Rewards' but any name will suffice.

The import is successful, and we see our ADA Staking Rewards wallet in CoinTracker:

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