Cryptocurrency is an exciting and fast growing technology with the potential to change finance forever. We're proud to be a part of it! That said, because of the explosive growth in the cryptocurrency markets there is an equal increase in scams, hacks and other infiltration to steal cryptocurrencies from unsuspecting owners.

We've put together this guide to help protect you, your assets and your CoinTracker account from malicious actors. While these guidelines may help protect you we encourage you to be proactive in protecting your interests and vigilant against potential attacks.

An Important Note

CoinTracker is not an exchange, or wallet. We do not store your cryptocurrency for you. If you've been approached by someone asking you to send your cryptocurrency to a wallet for us you're being scammed. We will never ask you to do this.

Suggested Best Practices

  • Enable 2FA on all of your cryptocurrency services (including CoinTracker) and your email account.

  • Never send cryptocurrency to someone you don't know, it is almost impossible to recover currency once sent.

  • If someone setup an account for you, make sure you really trust them. Don't believe that just because you see a balance in CoinTracker means you control these funds.

  • Consider using a cold storage or hardware wallet to further remove your cryptocurrencies from risk.

  • Backup all of your recovery codes in a safe location.

  • Only communicate with cryptocurrency support services directly through their support portals, don't trust communications over social media like WhatsApp or Telegram. Ensure when you're communicating with a provider that emails are coming from the correct domain.

    • CoinTracker will never ask you for payment, or information over Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. All official CoinTracker communications will come from an email address.

    • CoinTracker's official support communication channel is our Contact Us page.

  • Always be suspicious! There are sophisticated malicious actors out there looking to steal from crypto-holders. If something doesn't seem right, or is too good to be true don't do it.

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