If you've been asked to send cryptocurrency to a wallet for holding by a "CoinTracker employee" you've encountered a scammer!

CoinTracker will never ask you to send cryptocurrency to us, nor do we store cryptocurrency for anyone. We only ever need read-access to your existing wallets to be able to perform services for you.

We will never reach out to you over Telegram or our services asking for compensation, or to cover fees. If you're worried about a message you have received or want to verify it is us, please reach out to us here.

Did someone provide your with a wallet they claim holds your CoinTracker funds? CoinTracker is a portfolio tracker and tax management tool, not an exchange or wallet which can hold currency. Entering a wallet address into CoinTracker does not move those funds into our control, nor does it mean those funds are yours. Public wallet addresses can display the contents of a wallet to anyone.

If you've believe you've been the victim of a scam please contact us and your local law enforcement.

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