Occasionally there may be transactions from your wallets or exchanges missing in CoinTracker. There are a few different reasons why this may occur. Luckily, the resolutions are often straightforward.

When was the exchange or wallet last synced?

CoinTracker automatically syncs exchange and wallet balances approximately once per day. If you are seeing your most recent balances or transactions out of date, you can force a refresh at any time by pressing the Sync Wallets button at the top of the Wallets page.

Are the API credentials correct?

API credentials must be 100% correct for syncing to work properly. Credentials can fail for a variety of reasons, including if they are:

  • expired

  • input in the wrong fields

  • input incorrectly

  • restricted to a particular IP address

When possible, CoinTracker will state the reason for the failed API credentials. However, in some cases, we may raise a generic error that says the exchange has never been updated. If this occurs, please reset the API credentials following these steps.

Have you added API keys for all Coinbase Pro portfolios?

Coinbase Pro allows you to create multiple portfolios under your account and when you generate an API key it is only bound to one portfolio. As such, if you have more than one portfolio under your Coinbase Pro account you will have to add API keys for all of them for CoinTracker to correctly sync all of your balances, trades and transactions.

Check the "Other Transactions" wallet and manual transactions

If you have added manual transactions without specifying a wallet, they are grouped in the miscellaneous "Other Transactions" wallet. These manually added transactions in the "Other Transactions" wallet may account for incorrect balances or discrepancies you are seeing on the Dashboard or Performance pages.

In the example below, the primary bitcoin wallet has just north of 50 BTC, but a manual transaction of 10 BTC was added to the "Other Transactions". This results in the total BTC balance displayed on the Dashboard and Performance pages being 60 BTC.

A BTC Wallet showing a balance of 50 BTC

Balance in the primary BTC wallet

10 BTC in the

Balance in the "Other Transactions"-wallet

Total BTC balance of 60 BTC on the dashboard page

Total BTC balance on the Dashboard/Performance page

If the total balance is incorrect, please review the manual transactions in the "Other Transactions" wallet and assign them to the correct wallet or delete them.

Is the exchange API operational?

Occasionally exchanges experience downtime, outages, or another unavailability of their service. When this happens CoinTracker is unable to pull balances and transaction history from your accounts. You can check exchange status pages to find out if they are experiencing downtime or are down for maintenance (e.g, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, or Kraken's status pages).

Is the wallet address correct?

Occasionally folks might enter the wrong wallet address on their accounts or enter an address from an exchange or centralised cryptocurrency service. It happens to all of us!

Exchanges and centralised cryptocurrency services such as Coinbase, Binance, etc. should never be added using deposit addresses, but instead connected to CoinTracker via their APIs or by uploading your CSV transaction history. Adding deposit addresses will result in incorrect balances because these addresses are often re-used or the assets sent on towards cold wallets. Only add addresses you yourself are in control of to CoinTracker.

In these cases, double-check that the wallet address is correct (i.e. not from an exchange or cryptocurrency service) and cross-check the balance against a block explorer for the coin in question, such as BlockChair (BTC, ETH, ADA, +14 others), Etherscan (ETH + ETH tokens), Tronscan (TRX), etc.

To see the full wallet address, click on the information icon next to the wallet name:

None of these fixed the problem. What should I do?

Check our feedback board for known issues and feature requests. Unsupported coins, transaction types (f.ex. DeFi transactions), and other issues will result in missed transactions until those features are supported. If you can't find the issue there, please submit a feature request or contact us.

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