Unlike other exchanges, Bittrex unfortunately only provides partial information making it difficult to do your taxes in one simple go. Therefore to get your transactions from Bittrex into CoinTracker, please follow these steps:

  1. Add the Bittrex API key to CoinTracker. This adds your full deposit history and your last three months of trade history to CoinTracker

2. Download your Bittrex Trade History CSVs (one year at a time):

   * Open your Bittrex Orders page
   * Select Download History in the center of the page

File Name Example: BittrexOrderHistory_[year].csv

3. Navigate to the CoinTracker Wallets page. Next to Bittrex, select the dropdown > **Import Trade History** and upload the *unedited* Bittrex Trade History CSV. This will add the complete history of your Bittrex trades to CoinTracker (*duplicates from the API import will automatically be de-duplicated*)

4. Get a full copy of your withdrawal history by filing a Bittrex support ticket. When submitting a ticket, select the **General Support Request** form. It may take Bittrex a full week to respond to your ticket (unfortunately they only display a limited amount of your withdrawal history on their website)

File Name Example: [email-email.com]_closed_withdrawals_[date].csv

5. Edit your Bittrex withdrawals CSV to match our generic CSV format

6. From the wallets page, next to Bittrex wallet, use the dropdown to select **Import Transactions** and upload the *reformatted* withdrawal CSV

7. If you find all of these steps for Bittrex annoying as we do, please like/re-Tweet.

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