First, login to Jaxx Liberty desktop and select the three-line menu (top right corner):

For Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Zcash wallets (for other coins skip to the section below)

1) Select Tools:

2) Select Display Private Keys:

3) When you are safely alone, check the [ ] It's safe -- no one else is looking box and click View my private keys:

4) Select a wallet, for example Bitcoin (BTC):

5) Click the clipboard icon next to xPub Keys to copy the xPubs:

Note: this is only to get your extended public keys — NOT your private keys. Please never share your private keys with anyone, including CoinTracker.

6) Paste the xPubs from the clipboard into a notepad. You'll want to copy only the one that is labelled Account (the third one). If none are labelled Account, then select the one named External:

7) Paste the HD wallet address to CoinTracker.

For all other coins (e.g. ETH, ETC, ERC-20 tokens, etc.)

Copy each address that you have used for each coin individually. You can use the small copy button next to each address. Then paste the addresses into CoinTracker.

Note: do NOT use copy all public addresses. Add each one individually.

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