On the CoinTracker Tax page, you'll see the number of cryptocurrency transactions you had in the given tax year:

This is the same as the number of transactions in your Transactions CSV and what is used for decide which tier of tax plan you need for the tax year.

Note however, that this is not necessarily the same as the number of taxable events you had in the tax year. For example a transfer, or a buy is considered a transaction, but it is not a taxable event. On the other hand, one sell is one transaction, but it could result in multiple taxable event if the sell spans multiple tax lots. As an example:

  • Radhika buys 1 BTC in January for $10, 1 BTC in February for $20, and 1 BTC in March for $30

  • In April Radhika sells 3 BTC for $50 each

This sell yields one transaction (3 BTC for $150) but three taxable events (1 BTC with a $40 capital gain, 1 BTC with a $30 capital gain, and 1 BTC with a $20 capital gain).

Therefore the number of transactions can be more or less than the number of taxable events, which are what are counted toward limits in third party software such as TurboTax and TaxAct.

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