Zero Balance

Please ensure that your wallet address is actually correct and actually has a non-zero balance (you can verify using a Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, DASH, Dogecoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, NEM, NEO, QTUM, Ripple, Stellar, Tezos, TRON or Zcash block explorer). Wallets often generate a fresh receive address for every transaction to protect your privacy (more details), so instead of adding your latest receive address (which has zero balance), you will need to add your xPub address (described below).

Adding Local Wallet

xPub, yPub, zPub

The easiest way to track all the transactions for a local wallet that you have is by adding the extended public (xPub) key for that wallet. These are available for Bitcoin based chains (e.g. BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ZEC). You can add an xPub/yPub,zPub key to CoinTracker. You can find instructions to find your xPub key from common wallets below.


How to add your Ledger wallet to CoinTracker.


How to add your Trezor wallet to CoinTracker.


How to add your Exodus wallets to CoinTracker.

Jaxx Liberty

How to add your Jaxx Liberty wallet to CoinTracker.


  1. Download the desktop app and login

  2. Select Wallet (left pane)

  3. Select the down arrow at the top right corner and select Account Details

On mobile you can select a wallet and then go into the settings to get the same Account Details (on Android it is in the three dots on the top right corner of the screen).

You can use the Mnemonic Phrase instructions below as a fall back option.


  1. Login to the desktop app

  2. From the top toolbar select Wallet > Information

As a fall back, you can go to View > Show Addresses and then navigate to the Addresses tab (at the top of the page) to see the full list of addresses historically used.


KeepKey requires using the command line to retrieve your xPub keys:


Unfortunately BRD wallet does not display your xPub key, so you can use the Mnemonic Phrase instructions below.

As a fall back option, you can instead click into your wallet(s) and then you should see all the individual addresses used which can be added individually following the instructions at the bottom of the page. For ETH, since there is only one address, you can look up the received address for ETH only (doesn't work for BTC, BCH, LTC).

  1. Login

  2. Click Settings > Wallets & Addresses (from bottom left)

  3. Click Manage (will need to repeat for each wallet you have)

  4. Click More Options > Show xPub (on the righthand side)

See here for more details on xPub.

Enjin Wallet

Coinbase Wallet

Unfortunately, Coinbase Wallet does not expose HD addresses. Therefore the only way to gather this information is by getting your mnemonic phrase and using the instructions below to convert it into your HD address. You can do this by opening the Coinbase Wallet app on your mobile device and selecting:

  1. The coin type of the wallet (e.g. Ethereum)

  2. The gear icon (settings)

3. Recovery phrase

4. Enter your PIN

5. Copy your recovery phrase

From Mnemonic Phrase

If you've reached this section, that means you are unfortunately using a wallet that doesn't support exporting your xPub (HD wallet) address. If at all possible, we recommend switching to a wallet that does allow this functionality.

If that is not feasible, you can use an open source tool like this to generate your xPub key from your mnemonic phrase that some wallets generate when you create a new wallet.

WARNING! your seed phrase contains all the information necessary to generate your public and private keys. Please be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS with this information as if it is compromised, all your funds will be compromised.

1. Enter the phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic field

2. Copy the xPub key generated from the Account Extended Public Key field
3. If you are using a wallet that uses segwit addresses, you can use an open source tool like this to convert your xPub to a zPub address.

Regular Public Address

If your wallet does not support xPub, you can add your wallet's public address. If you have other coins in cold wallets which we do not yet support, please let us know which ones so we can prioritize adding local wallet support for those blockchains. In the short term, you can mark any outgoing/incoming transaction from an exchange to a non-tracked cold/local wallet as a "transfer" using the down arrow next to the transaction from the Transactions page.

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