Here are the most common reasons why these numbers are wrong:

  • Incomplete transaction history: you must enter your 100% complete cryptocurrency history across all exchanges, off-exchange wallets (e.g. cold/hardware/local wallets), coins/tokens, ICOs/IEOs, trades, transfers, withdrawals, deposits in order for the calculations to be correct. This includes wallets that you used for one transaction and now have zero balance. You can do this by adding all the exchanges and wallets you used for cryptocurrency and filling in any gaps with CSV imports or manual additions
  • Outgoing transactions assumed taxable: by default, send transactions are treated as taxable outgoing transactions to a third party. Without the receiving wallet, CoinTracker cannot distinguish a transfer between your wallets from a sale to a third party wallet, so to be conservative with tax reporting, a taxable event is assumed. If you have such an event that should be a transfer (not a taxable send), add the receiving wallet/exchange and we will automatically match up the transaction. Alternatively, you can mark the transaction as a transfer using the down arrow next to the transaction
  • Miscategorized "Other Transactions": if you have added any manual transactions (or marked any transactions as transfers), you will see a list of these manual transactions that are uncategorized ("Other Transactions") at the bottom of the wallets page. If you have any of these transactions which are actually associated with a wallet/exchange that you have tracked on CoinTracker, you'll need to edit those transactions to indicate the wallet where the transaction occurred (instead of leaving them uncategorized in "Other Transactions"). Also make sure that none of these manual transactions are duplicative of auto-synced transactions from wallets/exchanges
  • Coinbase Pro: if you used Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), make sure to connect both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro to CoinTracker (even if you never used Coinbase consumer)
  • Bibox: Bibox's API only supports three months of transaction history. Anything earlier than that will need to be bulk uploaded via CSV in our generic format from the wallets page > "Import Transaction" next to the Bibox wallet
  • Bittrex: Bittrex's API is incomplete. It supports all deposits, a rolling 30 day window of trade history, and no withdrawals. Therefore after adding your API key, you will need to bulk upload your trade order history via CSV from the down arrow next to the exchange on the Wallets page > "Import Trade History" (you only need to backfill the history for all years one time and then the rolling 30-day history will work from then onward). You will also need to request your withdrawal history from Bittrex, re-format it into our generic format and also upload it from the Wallets page > "Import Transactions" next to to the Bittrex wallet. If you find all of these steps annoying, please let Bittrex know
  • BTC Markets, after adding your API key, bulk upload your transaction history via CSV from the down arrow next to the exchange on the wallets page (BTC Market's and's APIs do not support withdrawals & deposits). Once you have done this, you can ignore/dismiss the banner
  • CoinSpot: after adding your API key, bulk upload your transaction history via CSV from the down arrow next to the exchange on the wallets page and manually add trades > "Add Manual Transaction" (CoinSpot's API supports current balance, withdrawals, and deposits but not trades). Once you have done this, you can ignore/dismiss the banner
  • Cryptopia: unfortunately due to a recent hack, Cryptopia has taken down it's API. You can still bulk upload your Cryptopia transactions via our generic CSV import
  • Distributions: some exchanges (e.g. Binance, KuCoin, etc.) offer distributions or bonuses that are not tracked via their API. Those transactions will need to be manually added from the wallets page using the down arrow next to the wallet > "Add Manual Transaction"
  • De-listed coins: some exchanges (e.g. Kucoin) hide de-listed coins from their API syncs so make sure those transactions are either automatically synced, otherwise add them manually or via CSV import (ensure that they are tagged to the correct wallet)
  • after adding your API key, bulk upload your withdrawal & deposit history via CSV (or via manual entry) from the down arrow next to the exchange on the wallets page ('s API does not support withdrawals & deposits)
  • Huobi: Huobi only provides trade history for the past four months through both their web interface and API. After adding your Huobi account, you will need to contact their support to get your full trade history and then import it to CoinTracker
  • KuCoin: KuCoin recently stopped supporting syncing for transactions before 2/18/2019. In order to sync your full transaction history: (1) Connect your KuCoin API key, (2) Download your trade history from KuCoin and add it to your KuCoin (unedited) following the onscreen instructions, (3) Download your withdrawals and deposits from KuCoin and reformat them to match our generic template, (4) add the withdrawals/deposits to your KuCoin wallet by selecting "Import Transactions" and uploading the file
  • Pending transactions: not included in the current market value (they are automatically added once the pending trade is completed)
  • Robinhood: currently doesn't make your crypto transaction history exportable. If you find this annoying, please let Robinhood know
  • Needs review: these transactions need you to manually verify that they are complete, accurate, and not missing any previous transaction history. Hover over the tag to see the reason for the review
  • Transfer matching: in some cases a transfer is mismatched and needs to be edited manually to ensure that the correct sides of the transaction are being matched up

If you have done all of the above and there is still a problem, please let us know via support chat.

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