Zero Balance

Please ensure that your wallet address is actually correct and actually has a non-zero balance (you can verify using a Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, or Stellar block explorer). Wallets often generate a fresh receive address for every transaction to protect your privacy, so instead of adding your latest receive address (which has zero balance), you will need to add the historically used addresses that actually have your balance.

Adding Local Wallets

The easiest way to track this is by adding your wallet's public address. We support ADA, BTC, DOGE, ETH (including ERC20 tokens), LTC, XLM and XRP today. If you have other coins in cold wallets, then let us know which ones so we can prioritize adding local wallet support for those blockchains. In the short term, you can mark any outgoing/incoming transaction from an exchange to a non-tracked cold/local wallet as a "transfer" using the down arrow next to the transaction from the Transactions page.

Here is how to get your address history for common wallets:

Ledger Nano S

  • BTC & LTC: get full list of addresses from your list of transactions in the Ledger Live app (not the latest receive address which is un-used)
  • ETH: by default there is only one ETH address (the receive address), however if you used multiple ETH addresses you can see them on MyEtherWallet


From the left panel (on web) select Settings > Addresses:


Click into your wallet(s) and then you should see all the individual addresses. For ETH, since there is only one address, you can look up the received address for ETH only (doesn't work for BTC, BCH, LTC).


From the "receive" tab of your wallet click PREVIOUS ADDRESSES:


View > Show Addresses and then navigate to Addresses:


Navigate from the top toolbar menu: Exodus > Developer > Assets > [Coin] > Export Addresses (where [Coin] is the coin you are trying to export addresses for):


Navigate from toolbar: MENU > Tools > Display Private Keys > (I UNDERSTAND) > Display token Keys (only copy the public addresses, not private keys):

We are also working on adding extended public key (xpub) support so that you can enter one address per coin per wallet. If you have verified all of this information and are still seeing issues, please let us know.

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