If you immediately received the ICO coin/token
Either let the transaction sync via wallet or add a manual entry for this single transaction.

If the coin/token is received with a delay (or in the future)
If the payment is in cryptocurrency you can edit the outgoing payment to treat it as though you are receiving the fair market value of the coin in fiat (e.g. USD, EUR, CAD, etc.) on the date of the payment. Then, on the date of the received coin/token, you can also edit that received coin/token and treat it as though you are paying that same fair market fiat value for the received coins/tokens.

For example, let's say that in January you send 1 ETH into a token sale (at a time when the fair market value of 1 ETH is $300), and then in June you get 100 Pizza tokens. By default, you would have two synced transactions in your wallets:

  1. January: Outbound 1 ETH [Send]
  2. June: Inbound 100 Pizza tokens [Receive]

You can edit these to:

  1. January: 1 ETH for $300 [Trade]
  2. June: $300 for 100 Pizza tokens [Trade]
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